Friday, September 26, 2014

New section added to The Archives!!!

English: Charles Sturt University Regional Arc...
English: Charles Sturt University Regional Archives located at CSU's South Wagga campus. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Currently being entered into The Archives is a cool website that takes a look at the End of the World. Throughout history, doomsayers have been proclaiming the end of the world is at hand and yet we're still here. One day, this cosmic marble will crumble to dust. Until then, enjoy this look at Doomsday Prophecy throughout history.

In other site news, The Chandar Project is currently on hold while I regain my sanity, just in time to lose it in November for NANOWRIMO. Twenty Spark is likewise on hold. The Black Door will be getting some updates in the near future. And I'm still trying to wrap my brain around more materials for Armchair.

As always, if you like what you see or have suggestions for content, let us know.

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