Friday, March 6, 2015

More lack of activity

English: Domestic stray cat in Singapore. Tick...
That look best sums up my feelings right now.
English: Domestic stray cat in Singapore. Ticked tabby. Black and white photo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The major reason you haven't seen much activity on BaedonWebz is due to being pissed off that every time I start writing a post it turns into a rant. If it isn't the government leading to this condition, it turns out to be one of a thousand other things hitting the flack. But, that will change. I've had it and will now start voicing those things that are causing me to have cinder block demolishing tendencies.

Over the next few days prepare to get the low down on my thoughts about ISIS (or whatever we are calling them this week), government over-reaching (local and national), and the price of fish. As well as other regularly scheduled content coming back.

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